The book that started it all

You get an owner's manual for everything else you buy, so why not one for the most important relationship you'll ever have?

Author & Speaker

Powerful insight and few jokes here and there make for an awesome experience for those who want to be a more potent spouse.

Monthly Workshops

A great book can leave you inspired and motivated. However, there can sometimes be a huge gap between that motivation and application. We often lose people during the follow up phase. Our workshop reignites that initial excitement and by laying out potent principles that will help them answer that age old question "What does she want from me?"

Tools on the Go!

We are proud to announce the release of our brand new "Tools on the Go." These tools have been designed with your time and focus as a top priority. We are all busy and don't always have time for the things that we enjoy. Tools on the GO are a collection of 12 different topics designed to offer commentary, analysis and actions that you can put into effect immediately. Sometimes you just want to get to the point and get what you need. If you share that feeling then "Tools on the GO" are for you.