The questions I hear the most often are:

Why should i take the Pro husband course?

We know that many men have had little to no preparation for the role they are taking on. Marriage is a dynamic and complex relationship that can crown you as a hero on the days you get it right and shame you a a zero on the days that you miss the mark. Michael considered his own experience as a new husband and thought that if guys had the closest thing to an owner’s manual for being a husband that many more men would hang in there and not give up early as most do. This is a man’s best shot at understanding exactly what variables he has to deal with and provide him with the tools necessary to make him an effective spouse.

What if i’m single, how can you help me?

I can provide you with a blueprint of what will be expected of you as a husband. The factors that you encounter in dating are the same as in marriage, except that they are amplified exponentially. What is kind of important to a girlfriend becomes “mission critical” once she becomes a wife. There is a reason for this. Women have a strong desire for safety and security. If you don’t know how to defend and protect her heart as well as her body then you will find failure in every corner of your relationship.

What can i expect after i’m done?

You are valuable and worthy of a relationship that affords you the freedom to be who you are. With that comes the honor of partnering with your wife to create an environment where she can experience the same thing for herself. Upon completion of this course, you will look at her differently and have an accurate understanding of what you need to do in order to create enough safe space in your marriage so she can begin to do something beautiful in your life. In return for effective protection and connection, she will offer you her Respect, Admiration and Trust. That is relationship gold.