Our Story

Thirteen years of marriage have taught us a lot about ourselves and each other. We are no different than you and your spouse in the sense that two selfish people came together with unrealistic expectations and spent the next few years finding out how unprepared we were. Fortunately, our desire to be the best for each other drove us to seek wisdom and and apply it everyday. We aren't the lucky ones, we are just the ones who knew we had a shot at something sacred.

Meet the Family

The mission of Marriage Declassified is to give you the right methods and perspective necessary to help you build a great family. I built one of my own and I'd like you to meet them.

MIchael Warren



Wendy Warren


Wife/Best Friend/Superwoman/Great Mom

Marley Warren

Resident Gymnast and Academic Sensei

Lauren-Michael Warren

Academic Grasshopper

Sweet as pie and can out talk a radio